What Writing Skills Hide Behind Your Title?

One thing I’ve learned over 20+ years of being a professional writer is that our job title usually hides a lot of skills, especially writing skills. I discovered this when I decided to freelance full-time, and thought, “But as a teacher and author, what do I have to offer a freelance marketplace?”

Then I realized, a lot.

As a college instructor, I wrote syllabi, teacher assessments, teacher and student evaluations, instructions, letters of recommendation, editorial comments, academic papers, assignments, and a lot more. I learned about knowing your audience and how to reach them effectively, as well as how to explain and break down concepts for people who are learning them.

As a fiction author, I wrote hundreds of blog posts, back cover copy, acknowledgements trade magazine articles, letters to the reader, proposals, synopses, bios, critiques, promotional/marketing copy, and of course, books (which also came in novel, novella and serial formats). I also learned to follow guidelines, work with editors, and assess my own work and others’.

I also, in both cases, managed groups of people, did a lot of business communication and project management.

But saying I am an “author” or a “college instructor” doesn’t make those diverse skills visible to others.

So I suggest to others, take a look at the one or two word description of your position and unpack your writing skills — how many different kinds of writing do you do in a day, week or year? What sort of talent (marketing? analysis? creative?)  does each one take? Because each of those creates an opportunity for the future.


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