Use it in a sentence…

One of my birthday gifts this year was the book Landmarks, by Robert MacFarlkane, who travels the UK finding lost and lyrical words to describe nature, landscapes, and so forth. It’s a great book to sit down with, open to a page, and find wonderful words. The language often hits a “just right” note, even if you aren’t from the misty moors.

One such word is flinchin, or the unreliable promise of better weather, according to the Scots. Seems just as applicable here in Central New York this year (and probably in other places as well), where we’ve waited forever for Spring, and yet, there are still 20 degree nights and some of the awful snow threatening next week (though it won’t be much, it still is…). So, we could say:

The meteorologist offered a flinchin forecast to escape angry comments on his Facebook feed.

You can learn more about this word in the Scottish Dictionary.


Your Thoughts?

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