There once was a man who liked beer…

CREATIVITY is a big word, and when we are tasked with “Being Creative” it can be a crushing, paralytic duty if we don’t make it into play instead.

One way to do that is through mundane things, like email subject lines and salutations. For instance, a writer friend and I have, over the years, made a point never to use the same subject line in a return email. Ever. When we do, we send an apology email with a new subject line for having slipped up, and the make-up subject line had better be good.

This has lead to subject lines that created limericks (between the two of us having to fill in the next line), movie and book quotes, puns and so forth. Of course, these had to connect to the actual conversation in some way. Trying to find a creative way to introduce your email is a great way to practice writing attention-getting copy.

I also try to mess with salutations: “‘allo mate…” or, “Greetings Earthing.” Maybe, “Ahoy-Hoy!” and the every popular “Heidy-ho, Neighbor!” Clearly, I wouldn’t do this in a business email, but we’re among friends here.

The point is exercising creativity in the small ways can keep your brain sharp for when you have to make it work in the big ways, and it’s just plain fun.

What other small things can you do on a daily basis to make mundane things more creative? (Oh, and if you respond, please try to keep the limerick line in the title going and add one more….)

Your Thoughts?

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