About Mauri

sam-typingHi, I’m Mauri Stott, and I’m a professional writer.

I studied Creative Writing and Literature at Wells College, where I earned my B.A. in English, and then I obtained my M.A. in Writing and Rhetoric from Syracuse University in 1993. After that, I spent more than a decade teaching others to write everything from research papers to graduate theses, and from autobiographies to instruction manuals.

After leaving academia, I published twenty-six romance novels with Harlequin Enterprises as Samantha Hunter, as well as some self-published mystery novels, hundreds of blogs, greeting cards, travel copy and one feature magazine article. During that time, I also freelanced as a tech trade editor/writer and as a writing consultant/mentor.

I’m a lifetime resident of Central New York, where I live with my husband and pets, rendonutovating the awesome mid-century modern home we recently bought. I have several hobbies and crafts, and my aim is (to live a creative life and make an income doing so. (That’s me with a doughnut almost as big as my head. It was a really good doughnut.)

If you’d like to know more about my freelance services and my rates, please contact me at mstott@thewriterisin.com.